As an amateur writer myself, I look forward to watching films about how writers write. When I think about films about the writing process, some memorable ones would be “Adaptation” or “Shakespeare in Love,” watching Charlie Kaufman or Shakespeare grapple with writers’ block.

When the trailer of “Write About Love” showed that this was going to be about two writers collaborating on one film project, it got me excited to watch it.

Female writer (Miles Ocampo) was just given the green light for her first script for a light rom-com entitled “Just Us.” However, the producers decide to hire an older Male Writer (Rocco Nacino) to collaborate with her and give her “mainstream-ish” story an indie edge. So the course of the romantic relationship between the two characters, Joyce (Yeng Constantino) and Marco (Joem Bascon), constantly change in consonance with the evolving decisions by the two writers as to where the plot would go.

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